Pairing orphaned foals with loving mares

ColdSpring Nurse Mares

Your ethical solution in a desperate time of need. Our mares are well handled and cared for, gentle and easy going. Our mares are never bred and they do not produce “throw away foals.”  We are committed to providing a positive outcome in the midst of an emergency.

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Ethical Solutions

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A foal can become an orphan for a number of reasons: The mare has complications during birth, the mare rejects her foal, mare does not produce enough milk. These are some of the scenarios where the services of a nurse mare are required.  


We have happy, healthy, proven nursemares with excellent dispositions available for emergency service to orphan foals. Our mares are not bred and do not produce the “throw away foal”.

Bottlefeeding vs. Nurse Mare Costs


  • Feedings are every 2-3 hours
  • Foal needs constant companionship in order to thrive. 
  • Prone to bad habits owing to anxiety and loneliness. 
  • Health Problems such as: Colic, ulcers, impactions and depression. 
  • Behavior problems making them difficult to handle and train.
  • Most Importantly: Foals will lack the much needed experience of bonding with their species which is psychologically beneficial.  
What we do

Our Services

Rescuing Orphans

We deliver our mares to the foal and we handle the pairing process to ensure it is done in a professional, controlled and safe manner, resulting in a high success rate.

Our mares are up-to-date on season vaccinations, regular farrier care, routine de-wormings, and are fed high quality hay and grain specialized to each individual mare’s needs to ensure optimum nutrition which carries through to the milk and protecting your investment.

We guarantee our mares.

We are a 24/7 emergency service.  We know it is a time sensitive situation and deliver the mare as soon as possible.

We have frozen mare’s milk on hand if needed.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

ColdSpring Nurse Mares provides an innovative and vital service to the equine community while also bringing awareness and action to the problem of equine over population.

Bronwyn Watts

Bronwyn has 30+ years experience in the horse industry, starting from birth as she was born and raised on a working horse farm in rural southwest Virginia. She grew up doing both 4-H and Pony Club and since 2004 has been a professional groom in the 3 Day Eventing world and has groomed at all major 3 Day events in America and Canada including Rolex/Land Rover Three-day Event in Kentucky 7 different times. “Grooming at a 5* is the Grammys in the event world for us grooms. To be able to go on 7 different occasions has been an incredible achievement in my life.”

Meet The Ladies

Our Family Of Mares


Tiya (JC- Send it All) is a dark bay Thoroughbred mare and is very well bred with excellent disposition.   Tiya is a sweet soul who only wants your love and attention. She is kind, and gentle and just loves the cuddles. 


Say hello to this beauty, Granite. She is a gentle giant! An Irish Draught imported from Ireland in her earlier days, she had a very successful career as a show jumper and fox hunter. Now, she enjoys the life in our program to help orphan foals. 


Meet Pocos Classy Fantasy aka “Sooey”. Once a reiner and cutting horse in the ring, injuries retired her to the broodmare life.  Her previous owner wants nothing more than for Sooey to enjoy life being a momma and helping orphan foals.  Sooey, appropriately named for her uncanny ability to stay fat on air, loves eating- life is simple for her.   She is your typical laid back cowhorse. One thing that sparks her interest is the moment she sees her babies for the first time.  Small but mighty at only 14.1hh.


DeDe is a quarter horse mare saved from a kill pen by a rescue organization.  She has spent her whole life being a sweet momma. We are so happy to give this girl a new lease on life doing something she does best- being a mom. 


Dixie (JC- Parade Charade) is extremely mellow and very sweet.  She has produced 9 foals, with one being a multiple stakes winner of over $260,000.  She loves attention. 


Bizzy (JC- Miss Busybody) is a third generation Storm Cat mare, she had a knee injury that ended her promising racing career. Bizzy spent a couple of years being a broodmare and now, she starts her third career as a nurse mare here at ColdSpring Farm 


Gracie (JC-Gracie Merlot) is about as laid back as they come. Gracie wants nothing more then to eat, eat, eat! She had 42 starts on the track, then was bought as a polo pony, after a career ending injury playing polo, she became a great momma.  Gracie and Seneca have become besties, always sharing their hay piles! 


Lolita is such a good mom and she is really happy with her new career as a nursemare. We are so proud to have such a nice, easy going mare in our program. Gotta love a good ol’ quarterhorse! 


Meet Scotty!  Watch #MareMondays on Facebook as we will be adding more descriptions of our mares soon!


Meet Sunshine, 15 yr old Holsteiner.  Sunshine started out as an event horse with the 5* event rider, Buck Davidson.
After completing the upper levels with Buck, Sunshine then spent a few years being a broodmare raising some exceptional babies.  Her owner, heard of my program and knew Sunshine would be a perfect fit and she was thrilled to be able to give her mare a new career as a HI nursemare.  
Our clients fell in love with this fabulous mare, they couldn’t say enough good things about her. 


Meet Virag!  She is our Hungarian warmblood mare.  She is 22 years old and going strong.  She offers lots of love and patience to her orphaned foals.


Meet Telli. This mare has often just walked off the trailer and fell in love with her orphaned foals. 


Meet Paris!  Paris can no longer conceive. Being in our program has allowed Paris to continue to do something she obviously loves and that’s being a momma.


Meet Gwen, our beautiful Percheron/TB mare. After weaning an orphan foal, she developed an agressive form of mastitis and had to have surgery.  After much TLC in recovery, massaging, stretching and milking her, we were able to match her with a the perfect filly.  She is now affectionately known as our “magical una-boob unicorn nursemare”.


Meet Thicket.  Thicket is a simple girl, she loves napping, it’s her favorite past time activity.  What’s even cuter then a mare that is always napping?… A mare that is always napping with her foal snuggled up close. ? Thicket had 24 career starts, 5 wins and $109,920 career earnings.


We lost sweet Thelma in early 2019.


Meet Squeezie.  She was a rookie during our 2019 season and has enjoyed being a nursemare.  She is completely blind in her left eye, but stays alert and aware if a foal is on her blind side.


Meet May.   She walked of the trailer and accepted a new colt within seconds of seeing him.  Our mares are amazing creatures and truly love being mommas.


Meet Louise (aka “Porkchop”). She’s been a momma 9x over and eagerly adopts orphaned foals.


Meet Lala.  A thoroughbred mare who is such a looker and has all the right pieces and a sweet disposition to match.  She is enjoying her life at ColdSpring Farm.


Meet Jamz.   Her rookie year was our 2019 season and was amazing.  She went right into high alert and protection mode.  


Meet Aja.  She came to us by way of a friend. Aja needed a job in order for her to stay happy and healthy.  She is truly one of those mares that LOVES being a momma.  Read more here.  


Meet Nala.  She is patient and loving and will sometimes talk to her orphaned foals to get them to latch on for a good drink.


Meet Bricky.  Rookie nursemare 2020.  She received her first orphan in May and she’s fitting right in with our program!


Meet Empy.   Rookie nursemare 2020.  Empy didn’t even bat an eyelash when she finally got a filly to love in May of 2020.  She’s been a champ!


Meet Halo (aka Lollipops).  First-time nursemare 2020.  She is no stranger to motherhood, but 2020 is her first time as a nursemare.  When she met her first orphan filly, she literally slurped her up claiming every inch of her.


Meet Jennifer.  She came to us back in March 2020 after sadly losing her foal late in her pregnancy. We gave her some time off, lots of love and attention.  Jennifer has been a dreamboat of a mare, big, beautiful, well mannered.


Meet Lexi.  Rookie nursermare 2020, but she took to her first orphan like an old pro!


Meet Millie.  She is our big, beautiful, extra sweet Irish Draught mare.  Millie is a likcer to anyone who will let her.  


Meet Peaches.  Rookie nursemare 2020.  Her first adoption was to a very tiny quarterhour filly who was rejected by her momma.   She’s been leading the way for her delicate baby to grow and get stronger.


Meet Present.  Rookie nursemare 2020.  Her first orphan was premature and exhausted by the time she met her.  We allowed her to rest and it was Present who finally said, “Wake up, it’s time to nurse kiddo!”.


Meet Sedna.  Rookie Season 2020. Sedna did disappoint as a rookie.  She is incredibly affectionate, and with lots of licking and nickers, she convinced her first orphan to nurse.


Meet Patty.  Newly minted nursemare in 2020, she does a stellar job as a seasoned momma.


Meet Skye.  


Meet Sedna.  Rookie Season 2020. Sedna did disappoint as a rookie.  She is incredibly affectionate, and with lots of licking and nickers, she convinced her first orphan to nurse.


Meet Patty.  Newly minted nursemare in 2020, she does a stellar job as a seasoned momma.



Success Stories & Kind Words

Bronwyn brought us a great little mare right away in our time of need. She got the pair hooked up so quickly and easily that you would have thought it was her own baby. I love the idea of no “throw away” babies!! I recommend her services to any that need a nurse mare.

Reena Lentz

I have seen first hand what goes on within this wonderful organization.  The mares are happy, healthy, and given a new chance at life – along with all of the foals they have helped thus far.  This is an incredible program run by incredible people who care about and always prioritize the safety and happiness of their horses.

Maggie Hobbs

Bronwyn provides the highest level of care to her broodmares. Her groundbreaking program ensures the well being of orphaned foals upon her mares’ arrival, all the way through the weaning process. Top notch!
Amy Danielian

Bronwyn has a special talent for solving problems and keeping her head clear. Her love of horses is strong and evident in everything she does. She’s one of the hardest working entrepreneurs that I know!

Sue G. Sparling Collins

Bronwyn is one of the few people I would ever trust with my own horses.  She has an uncanny ability to sense a horse’s needs, and the upmost work ethic and knowledge.  I would recommend ColdSpring for any and all of your needs, as you are always guaranteed excellent care, customer service, second to none facilities, and delightful people to work with!

Sam Johnston

Lainey Ashker

  What an awesome organization!  Before finding yourself with an orphan foal, check out this organization and have them on speed dial.  My call was answered on the first ring, the nurse mare arrived in Raleigh, NC from Ocala, FL following the call within a 9 hour window, and took to the foal immediately.   The other testimonials on their web site say it all.  Bronwyn operates with a mission that time is of the essence.    Thank you so much Bronwyn! Margaret Hankins

  When our Quarter Horse mare (maiden) finally gave birth to her gorgeous colt Boojum, we thought the stressful part was over and we could enjoy our new baby, but at 36 hours old she turned on him and began to attack him. At this point the vet came and tried to reintroduce him to his mother but it didn’t work, so I reached out to Coldspring nurse mares. Their response was within minutes and was direct and detailed. They had a nurse mare named Tiya at my barn within 18 hours of me making the decision. During this extremely stressful time they were so calm and helpful in every way. The introduction of Tiya to Boojum went so smoothly and was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. She was so excited to have her new baby and he was so happy to have her too! After a few days of Tiya’s milk catching up to his demand her bag stays full and Boojum is growing like a weed. It’s hard to believe he is almost a month old. I am forever grateful for Coldspring Nurse Mares and Tiya! Thank you again! Kelly Swann 

  CSNM is the best nurse mare service I’ve used. The mares are not just wonderful, but they are also clean and well cared for. The pairings are seamless and safe. No sedation, hobbling or anything else, just a mom looking for “her” baby. CSNM staff handles everything and that is perfect! They have a great feel for when a bond is solid. Following the proper protocol and instructions, my mares produced plenty of milk, the best of any hormone mares I’ve used! Justine Howell

  I’ve know Bronwyn Watts for over a decade and her horsemanship skills are top notch. She is a true servant of the horses and put 110% into everything she does. ColdSpring Nurse Mares in a game changer in the way the industry deals with Nursemare and her innovative approach is one to be replicated and admired! I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone! Jaclyn Burke

  Cold Spring Nurse Mares is wonderful. Our mare foaled and decided she didn’t want to take care of her foal. So we called and they brought us the best mare. Porkchop/Louis was the best mom. We could not have asked for a better pairing of these two. 64codybanks (Google Review)

  Life savers literally in this field. This farm offers an amazing opportunity to mares whom otherwise could end up in a bad place. As well as a beautiful life to orphaned foals who otherwise may not live if it weren’t for these amazing people. Look them up and see their great work. Amy Huff

  This is a wonderful program to help foals and Mares without the foals being discarded. Bronwyn is amazing horseman and is a knowledgeable resource. Highly recommend her and the program if you’re needing a nurse Mare. Danielle Ezell

  Excellent service! The upmost professionalism and companion when you need it the most. I highly recommend Cold Spring Nurse Mares! Stephanie Dowling

  My daughter boarded her mare and took riding lessons at ColdSpring Farm for several years and during that time we got to know Bronwyn and her mom, Tanya Hobbs, really well. Both of them have such an incredible knowledge of and love for horses, and the care our mare received while there was second to none!! We are so excited for Bronwyn and her new venture with ColdSpring Nurse Mares and we highly recommend you call her first if the need arises!!! Kirsten Vest

  Cold spring nurse mares are the most professional and compassionate surrogate service I have ever known. Truly second to none. Jonathan Holling

  I have known Bronwyn for nearly ten years and I have to say that she is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated horse people around. It is no surprise to me that ColdSpring Nurse Mares has been so successful. Bronwyn puts 100% of herself into the program and her lovely mares. She works hard to pair the right mare with the right orphaned foal so that the process goes as seamlessly as possible. It is incredible to watch the introduction videos on the ColdSpring Nurse Mares Facebook page. These amazing mares nicker and lick as they meet their new babies for the first time. I believe any equine breeder, large or small, should have Bronwyn’s number at their fingertips. ColdSpring Nurse Mares is truly a magical safety net for any breeding program. Georgia McGinnis

  In August I lost my beloved quarterhorse mare, Mocha, to an extremely unfortunate birthing incident.  She left behind a beautiful orphan colt, Micah. Amidst a time of total devastation and grief, Coldspring Nurse Mares came on a moment’s notice with a thoroughbred mare named Tiya.  After proceeding with the protocol to properly introduce a mare and foal, Tiya accepted Micah instantly.  In a matter of minutes she was cleaning him, and after a couple more, he was nursing.  In just a few short moments, Micah wasn’t an orphan anymore, and Tiya had a baby to raise.  And raise that baby she has!  Disaster struck again at 3 weeks when Micah was rushed to a referral hospital for septic arthritis in conjunction with osteomyelitis (a condition common in foals, especially orphans).  Tiya was a stronghold and sense of comfort for him throughout the two weeks he spent at the hospital.  She is undoubtedly a large part of the reason that Micah is now back at home, racing circles around her (perhaps he thinks he is a thoroughbred, too).  This mare is a wonderful mother; to say she is a Godsend is an understatement.  Beyond the milk and nutrition she has provided, she has given him the most ‘normal’ life possible and I am forever grateful.  Coldspring Nurse Mares has an ethical solution to the traditional nurse mare industry and is honest about the condition and temperament of their mares.  Use this company, tell people about them, and be thankful for them.  Jennifer Lefors  

  Bronwyn’s incredible program has significant impact on the equine industry. This nurse mare program helps to prevent throwaway foals and gives older broodmares a safe place to live our their lives doing what they love to do. Bronwyn’s compassionate and creative personality, combined with her extensive horse experience, truly sets her apart and makes her no less than impressive to work with! I would highly recommend Bronwyn and Coldspring Nurse mares.  — Charbonnet SportHorses  

  I traveled with Bronwyn last Spring to see for myself how she brings her mare and orphan foal together. It was amazing. Bronwyn worked her magic and within a short time the nurse mare was nickering to the foal. Very quietly and gently Bronwyn placed the foal at the mare’s side where it found the bag and started to nurse happily. There was a hush that fell over the barn as we all watched the two bond. The foal was no longer an orphan facing an uncertain future. Thanks to Bronwyn and Cold Spring Nurse Mares the little guy is strong and healthy.  — Virginia Welton  

  Bronwyn is the upmost professional. She has decades of experience managing farms and providing horses with the best care possible. This new venture of hers has already proven to be a huge success. She’s providing orphaned foals with a mother, which there is a huge need for. I have nothing but good things to say about she and her mother, and I wish them years of continued success!  — William Johnston

  ColdSpring has been a life saver for me in a really bad year. My filly was orphaned at 3 minutes old. This made her difficult to pair because she had experienced no bonding or horse interaction, but Bronwyn and her team set the mare up perfectly and were patient in managing the situation. They handled the entire pairing process and it was safe and calm for everyone. I followed the protocol and instructions to the letter and the mare produced plenty of milk. Sadly that mare was an older mare and a few weeks later had a sudden heart attack that no one could’ve seen coming. As sad as that was, Bronwyn was awesome and immediately dropped everything to get my foal a new mom in less than 24hrs. I give them a HUGE amount of credit for making my foal a priority. It shows what compassionate horsemen they are as well as how much they stand behind their business. Every step of the way they have been the bright spot in a bad situation and I cannot thank them enough!  — Justine Howell

   Tiya has saved the life of Micah and brought hope to Jennifer at a very hard time..what a beautiful pair Micah and Tiya make…I will always cherish your kindness and willingness to share Tiya with Micah. — Kathy Lefors  

    Thank you, ColdSpring Nurse Mares, It’s so great to see Micah have a mom to love him.  Your professional knowledge and care have given this little guy a great beginning.  Tiya has become the perfect mother to Micah and has taken him as her own. 5* rating from Rockland Stables.  Debbie Mcgrain  

    I worked at Coldspring Farm for Bronwyn’s mom many years ago. At the time, Bronwyn was on the cusp of High School. As a teen, she held a normal teenager’s distain for much rotating in her orbit—but never for her family’s horses. As someone who has been raised on a working horse farm and who has devoted her career to horse care, Bronwyn has a particular affinity for all equines, and especially for horses competing at championship levels, in particular during the time when she worked as an equine massage therapist. It’s easy to tag the descriptive “whisperer” to the end of a species if you’re describing the human capacity to read an animal’s body language and address its needs. I don’t want to be flip—but Bronwyn has a very special and rare gift embodying understanding and compassion for another species. Having seen too many older or injured brood mares forgotten as ‘pasture ornaments’ or worse; having witnessed the lack of ethical, affordable options faced by owners with orphaned foals, Bronwyn decided to apply her lifetime of experience to pair past-their-prime mares with needy orphan foals. In essence, this business will keep two lives from being discarded or abused. Coldspring Nurse Mares ethically fills a gap in the industry for which traditional solutions merely cause more waste and loss. Combine an experienced, talented horse woman with an industry-wide need for a specific solution and you can count on an excellent experience for you and your horse. 5*.  Lee Chichester
Bronwyn is now owns two of our beloved retired broodmares. It took us 6 months to find a suitable home for them, as we were very picky, but she checked every box. We have been extremely pleased with how well she has done with them! We plan to send more of our wonderful retired broodmares to her in the future and can strongly recommend checking her out if you are in need of a nursemare!
Alyssa Schmitt

I actually have a mare boarded with ColdSpring Nurse Mares and the care she is receiving is on par with top competition barns. All of the mares at the facility are SO well cared for, and you can’t beat the beautiful lush rolling pastures!
Katy Long

Excellent program ran by great people!  Definitely recommend it! 

Jared Kilgallen

I’m so impressed with CSNM and what they are doing for mares and foals. Bronwyn takes great care of her mares!!

Heather Skeens

An excellent organization! The mares are excellently cared for with professional attention to detail and fantastic timely communication from Bronwyn. I highly recommend using ColdSpring if you have a foal in need.
Kate Samuels

This is an awesome service! 

Cindee Hunter Caldwell

Wonderful, caring people with the horse’s best interests in mind.

Jeanne Bair

Great mare, sweet disposition.  Professional owners!

Lyzayne Whitaker

We need more people and more programs like this. This is an ethical solution without producing nurse mare foals. Absolutely amazing. I could go on and on and on about why I think this is amazing but I will just keep it short and sweet!!!

Marissa Baderschneider