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Loan Porgram Helps Small Businesses

(excerpt from WDBJ7.com story) “Floyd County is filled with many small businesses and people who want to start one up. Now, thanks to a $60,000 USDA Rural Development grant, entrepreneurs can continue to do just that.

Bronwyn Watts, owner of Coldspring Nurse Mares, LLC. off of Kristi Lane is one business owner who plans to take advantage of this most recent grant.”

‘I’m The Phone Call That No One Wants To Make’: In Emotional Chaos, Nurse Mares Bring Peace

(excerpt from https://www.noellefloyd.com)
The nurse mare field is a busy one. The search for a nurse mare, which is needed quickly in order for the foal to survive, is often a desperate one fraught with emotion. It’s also an expensive and emotionally taxing process. Bronwyn explains that much of her business comes from Thoroughbred breeding operations. “We lease the mare to the farm for up to six months, up until the foal is weaned,” she says. “We also will deliver the mare and supervise the entire bonding process between mare and foal.”

Featured on Paulick Report

Induced Lactation in Mares: A Viable Option, Free Of Nurse Mare Foals

“…it can give one foal a chance at life while not leaving another orphan foal behind.”

(excerpt from Paulick Report) “Our mares are ready to go starting the middle of January,” Watts said. “We deliver the mare to the foal, and we handle the pairing process to ensure it is done in a professional, controlled and safe manner, resulting in a 100% success rate.”