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Frequently Asked Questions
Does a nurse mare have her own baby?

ColdSpring Nurse Mares are proven broodmares. In our program, they are not bred and do not produce the “throw away foal”.

Does the mare always take the foal?

We select our mares based on certain personality traits and their proven success as mothers. This helps ensure that the coupling will be successful along with following a strict protocol. 

Do you charge to bring the nurse mare to our foal?

No, there is no charge for delivery.

How long will the mare stay with the baby?

We lease our mares for up to 6 months or until weaning, which ever comes first. 

Are the mares up to date on all vaccinations?
Yes, each mare will be delivered with her own portfolio.
Am i financially responsible for all of the mare's needs during lease, i.e. - farrier trims, shots, etc.?
Yes, there will be a contract in place to ensure the safety of our mares.


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