June 9, 2020 – Upperville, Virginia

Meet Jennifer, she came to us back in March after sadly losing her foal late in her pregnancy. Desperate to get this mare a foal, we started her on protocol with no luck. We tried many different methods and it seemed like mentally and physically she was depressed after losing her foal. We gave her some time off, lots of love and attention, did some more research, and with help from our wonderful vet got the all clear to start her.

Jennifer has been a dreamboat of a mare, big, beautiful, well mannered but she just seemed to be missing something.
Well, she found that something in this 7-week old colt who sadly lost his mother. This colt was as sweet as they come, but traumatized.

Have no fear little guy, Jennifer walked off the trailer after a 16hr haul and walked into his stall and lit up like a Christmas tree when she laid eyes on her new colt, she showered him in love and affection and after 3hrs of nurturing him- the little guy finally decided, she was okay after all.

“Jennifer got her groove back”

We are always here to help orphan foals, and it’s important to remember these wonderful mares of ours often come to us with broken hearts of their own and when you can bring the two broken pieces together- the bond is incredibly special to watch!

UDPATE – June 14, 2020

Jennifer and her adorable baby Boone! ?