May 20, 2020 – Paris, Kentucky

Where to even begin with the story of Gwen and her newly acquired standardbred filly!

Gwen is one of our amazing seasoned nursemares. However, last year after being weaned from her orphan colt- she developed a seriously aggressive form of mastitis that showed no mercy. Resulting in minor surgery and leaving Gwen with about 20% function of the left side of her udder. This year, starting her on protocol- she was going to be our guinea pig as we didn’t know how she would respond with milk production in the left side of her udder.

Right side is fully functional and with left side showing improvement everyday as we massaged, stretched and milked her.
We got the call that we felt was a perfect match for Gwen!

This standardbred filly is a whomping 7-weeks old, her original birth mom was a recipient mare who was not very loving. She did not reject the filly, however she was not affectionate at all. That mare coliced and passed. A traditional nursemare was found and the owners tried for 4 days to convince the nursemare to accept- it was a no go!

Gwen got the call to step up and be the shining star she is- this mare shipped 14hrs to KY, walked off the trailer into the stall and fell in love with this filly who at 7-weeks old, had not felt the nurturing touch of a loving mare, until now!

Thank you Gwen for being the magical una-boob unicorn nursemare that you are! ??