March 1, 2020

We have held off on posting this lil guy based off his very traumatic first few days of life and honestly, it’s was iffy he was going to make it with the odds stacked against him.

Here we are now 3/1/20 and we are thrilled to share the news this guy has gone home from the hospital and as our first official nursemare call of the season back on 2/14/20 he is thriving with his new mommy, CSNM’s Virag.

As you can see from the pictures:
2 days old (laying down) vs. 10 days old (standing) he is writing the book for a comeback story!
#hormoneinducednursemares #savinglives #nursemares #nothrowawayfoalsleftbehind

UPDATE: May 1, 2020

Remember our first mare of the season Virag and her handsome colt-who had a very rough first 2 weeks of life?!?!
Well, we got these nice updated pictures today! This lil guy is thriving and Virag is looking fabulous at the age of 22yrs old nursing this youngster like a champ!