March 29, 2020 – Lake City, FL…

Cuteness overload!!

This tiny tot is a surviving twin, she is a fighter and a sassy, healthy little thing. However, her maiden momma decided she liked the colt better and at 2 weeks old and a whooping 45lbs it was time to get this filly a momma of her own.

Peaches walked in and it was a wrap the moment she laid eyes on her new filly.

?✨UPDATE✨? – June 2

?Time to put a little feel good in your soul ?
Remember Peaches and her tiny tiny QH filly who was a surviving twin? Her dam decided she liked the colt better and rejected this little girl leaving her orphaned.

Talk about some major setbacks for a delicate foal and look at her now, with our wonderful rookie nursemare Peaches leading the way! ? ?