March 1, 2020

Sooey was so gitty to meet her orphan colt lastnight.

It takes a special mare to accept a 3 week old foal, and Sooey is just that.

Our girl Sooey is a pint size cowpony and has the udder comparable to a dairy cow and a heart the size of Texas!
She was so patient and loving during her pairing while this lil guy was extremely cautious, scared and hesitate of this new horse in his stall. Sooey kept her cool, whispering sweet mommy nickers and licking him and encouraging him to nurse. After about 20 minutes he finally latched on and it was a wrap!!

No sedation, no hobbles, no restraints of any kind. Our girls love their jobs and it shows! #worththeirweightingold #nursemares

Check out this video we posted on Facebook about this curious little colt!

Sooey and her very curious colt!!

Posted by ColdSpring Nurse Mares, LLC on Sunday, March 1, 2020