May 31, 2019: Sweet Aja got an adorable filly this morning in TN. A nice quick trip all thanks to Aja being the super mare she is, accepting the foal the moment she saw her with lots of love to give!

First turnout for baby and new mom Aja.#filly #foal #horsesofinstagram #hanoverian #thoroughbred #hormoneinducednursemares

Posted by Magnolia Creek Farm on Saturday, June 1, 2019

August 18, 2019: Long story below but worth the read….
Our sweet momma Aja and her mini me filly who is now 3 months old. This filly was tiny for a Hanoverian newborn foal. She is catching up on her growth with Aja’s help. Her mother sadly passed away due to complications after birth.

Aja’s story: She came to us by way of a friend of mine, she had known this mare for most of her broodmare career and kept up with the mare for years because as she said, “there is just something special about that mare!”
Aja got promoted to the “granny” mare for weanlings, this is where she failed miserably because she would let all the weanlings nurse off her as she was a walking milk bar for any and everyone seeking nursing comfort. ?

Sadly, Aja didn’t have a place to go and quickly starting dropping weight as she was just turned out and passed around from farm to farm. Aja needed a job in order for her to stay happy and healthy. She was depressed, down in weight and stressed out. My friend encouraged me to please take her, saying, “I promise she will be one of your best nurse mares!”

Well- she was right! We got Aja home, gave her some serious TLC and groceries and she started putting weight on. I was on the fence about putting her out with a foal this season, so I made it a point to make her our last mare to go out in order to give her enough time to get as fat as possible being that she is a tall, narrow thoroughbred!

Well, we got the call and I can honestly say Aja landed the perfect temporary home! She is truly one of those mares that LOVES being a momma, and she has continued to gain weight as she is nursing this warmblood filly!

Not only do we provide orphan foals with loving mares without producing the “throw away foals”, we also provide retired broodmares the ability to continue to have a healthy and happy life doing what they love to do, and that is being a momma!

It truly is a win, win for everyone involved in our program! ?

October 12, 2019: Aja and her Hanoverian filly enjoying the first cool fall day! ??