On March 9th, Whispering Woods Farm in Maryland posted the following to their Facebook page:

***** UPDATE***** I just finished 2 am feed. Please help us!Today we brought home an owner surrendered newborn filly….

Posted by Whispering Woods Farm Maryland on Saturday, March 9, 2019

Whispering Woods Farm is a horse rescue and this little filly’s story is a story of hope. Whispering Farms was contacted to take in a newborn foal that was born outside on the cold wet ground and rejected by her mother. They had to spring to action quick, and so they called ColdSpring Nursemares to provide for this little filly.

Whispering Farms reports, “The baby was lethargic with labored breathing, a fever, and it became obvious she had some vision issues. Once officially surrendered, and before ever setting eyes on her, we had her vetted with the help of a friend and began treatment. She was placed on meds, blood work drawn, and it was determined that she has cataracts in one eye.

“After weighing our options with the cost of milk replacer vs a nurse mare and the obvious benefits of this baby being raised by a mare vs human raising, we have opted for the nurse mare. We have a proven nurse mare that can be delivered to the farm immediately.”

There were several supporters of Whispering Farms that provided the financial means to provide a real momma for this sweet baby as well as donations to put towards her vet bills and cataract surgery.

What a busy, exhausting, exciting, emotional day at the rescue. DeDe, our nurse mare, arrived this afternoon from Cold…

Posted by Whispering Woods Farm Maryland on Sunday, March 10, 2019

We are thrilled for baby Phoenix, and sooo proud of our sweet momma DeDe! Lucky for lil Phoenix, DeDe was happy to step up to the plate, accepting her immediately!

Dede and Phoenix have bonded! Dede is protective of her adopted baby. Phoenix is nursing well and does not have a fever….

Posted by Whispering Woods Farm Maryland on Monday, March 11, 2019

While DeDe was taking very good care of Phoenix, she still had a rough road. She nursed vigorously, but the farm noticed she was slowly following her momma. Her temperature was rising and her left knee swollen and warm and they discovered cataracts in BOTH eyes. The decision was made to send both Phoenix and her nursemare to New Bolton Center. Phoenix had to have a transfusion and at least 4 units of plasma plus IV antibiotics. All the while, she was still nursing and Dede did an amazing job.

Phoenix is a fighter. She surved her snowy outdoor birth, learned to suckle from a bottle and then met and fell in love with her nursemare Mom, DeDe, and learned to nurse naturally. She continued to improve slowly and the bond between the nursermare and foal were STRONG. By March 16th, the doctors were reporting she was “bright and bouncy” and that her aspiration pneumonia was resolving. Over the next few days, she did have to have endoscopic surgery to clean out the left stifle. The little fighter worked very hard to overcome her hard start in life.

By March 22nd, Whispering Woods Farm reported that Phoenix was doing well and would be coming home to their farm soon! On March 30th, they posted the following to their Facebook page:

Hi facebook!! The ladies at Whispering Woods Farm Maryland have told me that there is a lot of you that have been…

Posted by Whispering Woods Farm Maryland on Saturday, March 30, 2019
Phoenix May 2019
Phoenix June 2019
An Arabian Beauty – Phoenix August of 2019

In August, Phoenix began to be weaned so she can go to her new home and her nurse mare, DeDe can go home for a vacation. Little Phoenix likes to kick up her heels! She is a pure Arabian filly, and was preparing for adoption. Phoenix had a rough beginning, requiring DeDe, her nurse mare. Phoenix is healthy now, totally sound and is expected to be 15hh or better. Phoenix halters, leads like a champ, backs and lifts all 4.

In September 2019, DeDe came back home to ColdSpring to get a break and rest from taking care of this fine filly. We were happy to be a part of the rescue of this young life and as always to give our mares a job they love best… being a momma.

Yesterday we returned DeDe to ColdSpring Nurse Mares, LLC in Floyd, VA. Our filly, Phoenix would not have made it if not for DeDe and the caring donators who covered DeDe's fee. Thank you!

Posted by Whispering Woods Farm Maryland on Sunday, September 8, 2019

September 8, 2019: DeDe is back home at ColdSpring Farm and she looks fabulous, shining like a copper penny!

A big thank you goes to Whispering Woods Farm for taking such good care of our girl!

Please follow Phoenix’s amazing story on their Facebook page! This filly was hours away from death. With the quick actions of the wonderful women who rescued her and rushed her and DeDe to New Bolton- this filly beat the odds, bringing sheer delight to the hospital staff that helped saved her in the following weeks. This filly endured set back after set back and she still managed to pull thru and is currently 100% sound and healthy and will be available for adoption!

Job well done DeDe- we are very proud to have you in our program!

Hi, my name is Phoenix. I am a 6 month old Arabian filly Have you been following my life story? I am looking for the…

Posted by Whispering Woods Farm Maryland on Sunday, September 22, 2019