June 19, 2019: ***Tear jerker alert***

Paris was paired with a beautiful filly back in March whom she accepted immediately and fell in love! After a few shorts weeks together, her filly suddenly passed away with no warning due to a rare illness that no one could have foreseen.

Paris was beyond devastated, our sweet mare was heartbroken, so we brought her home and gave her 2.5 months TLC.

Then, we got the call for this orphaned filly! We knew Paris was just the mare for the call.

This filly didn’t have the pampered life our normal client’s foals have. She was born in a huge field, no human interaction, only depending on her mother. The filly fell down into a ditch and was stuck for days, her mother worried herself sick-literally, colicing and passing away. The orphaned filly was found by a group of amazing women, who immediately saw the dangers this filly was facing. Scooping her up into the back of their suburban and taking her home with the previous owners permission.

First call was to the vet, second call was to us!

This filly has a long road to recovery, but with Paris’ love and the quick actions of the women who saved her, her future is already looking brighter!