May 24, 2019: The face of contentment after a long suckle from a momma who finally loves him!!! ???

Ms. Thicket got herself the sweetest lil fella today in West Virginia. She thought he was just the cutest lil thing, she laid down right with him and took a lil nap too! 

May 27, 2019: Our sweet mare Thicket and her colt. We paired these two up 4 days ago and from the beginning their favorite past time has been snuggling and napping! Who could blame them?!?

Thicket came to us after losing her foal this season, she was a bit depressed and after two complicated pregnancies, her previous owners decided they didn’t want to risk breeding her anymore.

We gladly accepted this super sweet mare in hopes we could give her a foal to love and mend her broken heart. We gave her some time here with us so we could gain her trust, got to know her personality and rebooted her milk supply.

Then we got the call for this orphaned colt, his mare wanted nothing to do with him and was becoming more and more aggressive towards him.
I knew this was just the colt Thicket needed, so we loaded her up and off we went up to West Virginia. These pictures confirm that the healing process has begun for both the shy, timid colt and Thicket. Thicket will continue to show this lil guy unconditional love and guidance, and this lil guy helps to heal the Thicket’s broken heart. needless to say Thicket nailed her first time as a nursemare and we are so happy for her. THE Perfect match. ???