April 2019: Oh Thelma! She got to meet her 48hr old, sassy little TB filly up in Pennsylvania this morning!

Thelma can’t get enough of her new filly! 

Thelma can’t get enough of her new filly! #OTTBnursemares #OTTBthelmasthirdcareer #nothrowawayfoal

Posted by ColdSpring Nurse Mares, LLC on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April 12: I think it’s safe to say our sweet mare, Thelma is pretty happy with her new career as a nursemare! Thank you Lauren for these great pictures capturing a very special moment for us here at ColdSpring Farm!

April 20: ColdSpring Nurse Mare’s Thelma with her gorgeous orphan filly, Edith right by her side. This farm names their foals based off themes. This year was “old-time names”. So, how fitting they got our sweet mare, Thelma a couple weeks ago! I love getting these pictures and seeing our mares having so much fun being mommas!

(Photo credit: Lauren Nicole)

April 26th: Our sweet nursemare Thelma passed away very suddenly late yesterday evening. The owner and vet happened to be right there when it all happened unexpectedly and they tried everything to save our sweet girl in the short couple of minutes.

Thelma was known around the farm as “Grandma” for her insanely bowed/broken knee from an old racing injury. As ugly as her knee was, she never took a lame step and it did not slow her down when she got paired with Edith, the firecracker lil thoroughbred filly a few weeks ago.

Thelma- we are so proud of you! You were such a great momma and even tho it was your rookie year as a nursemare you put a smile on all of our faces, reminding me why I do this.

With your sweet, soft nickers and endless licking we asked you to accept Edith as if she was your own, you happily obliged. You loved that filly until the very end, even looking to make sure she was out of harms way in your final moments.

All I can say is Thank you, Thelma, rest easy sweet girl! You have earned your brass plated ColdSpring Nurse Mare collar which will forever stay polished! ??

A special thank you to Lauren Nicole for capturing these moments of Thelma and Edith last week and to Justine for going above and beyond to care for Thelma as if she was your own!

The passing of Thelma meant that little Edith needed another momma and we were able to provide LaLa. You can click here to follow Edith along with LaLa.