February 26: Mom and I caught a beautiful sunrise as we pulled out of the farm this morning heading up to West Virginia. It was Sooey’s turn to play mommy! This gorgeous thoroughbred filly is 3 days old and sadly lost her mother to birthing complications yesterday.

Sooey handled it like the perfect little quarterhorse she is! ????

March 19: We got to stop in and visit with our girl Sooey and her now 4 week old filly up in West Virginia. Sooey is a purebred quarter horse raising a long legged thoroughbred at a very prestigious racing farm. Sooey seemed so happy to show us her gorgeous little filly! 

August 22, 2019: Just a cowpony raising a racehorse! ????

Our sweet 14.2h Quarter horse Sooey has been loving her new career as a nursemare, we love hearing that she is a farm favorite at the big thoroughbred farm!

Sooey’s filly is all legs and we are excited to keep track of her as her career unfolds in the next few years.