February 2, 2019: Ms. Dixie is all smiles as she dreams about momma life again. Dixie is one of 3 mares currently being induced hormonally for lactation here at ColdSpring Farm, meaning our mares do not produce their own biological foal in order to nurse and raise an orphan foal.
Our mares are available to assist in an emergency situation 24/7. 

February 20th: Well, it took a super full snow moon and an ice storm for our sweet girl Dixie to finally get herself a 6 day old orphan foal today and she couldn’t be happier!!! Our sweet girl was so patient as we managed the icy road conditions and a longer then predicted road trip in order to get her to her new baby boy. We are thrilled with how she handled meeting this handsome colt! 

March 7, 2019: Got a two week update on our girl Dixie and her handsome thoroughbred colt! They are doing great and this lil guy is growing up fast! Look at the difference. 

April 23: Our first mare out this season was Dixie back in February. We got some great update pictures today of Dixie and her stunning thoroughbred colt! We love getting these updates!!