Our mare, Tiya (JC- Send it All) is a dark bay Thoroughbred mare and is very well bred with excellent disposition.   Tiya is a sweet soul who only wants your love and attention. She is kind, and gentle and just loves the cuddles.

August 2018: How fitting it was for Ms. Tiya to become our first official nurse mare as of on August 6th, 2018 and she nailed it on her first try! It was literally love at first sight for her and this 4-day old orphan foal named Micah in Westminster, Maryland.

October 2018: Micah at 2 months old!! Ask us how we save three lives with one decision in our Nurse mare program! 

October 2018: Tiya and Micah enjoying those crisp mornings up in Maryland. Tiya is a gorgeous Storm Cat baby, teaching Micah who is a purebred quarter horse how to stretch those legs and run like a thoroughbred! 

December 2018: Micah- the foal who had all the odds stacked against him. From losing his biological mother at birth, to fighting off a deadly joint infection at only 4 weeks old. This little guy has beaten the odds and look at him now, 2 mo vs. 4 months old and strong as can be with his proud nurse mare, our girl Tiya by his side! 

Kathy Lefors:  Tiya is the only Mom Micah knows…Tiya has traveled many miles with Micah in the last four months and stayed by his side at Virginia Tech when Micah was so sick and little hope..this is an amazing story…please reach out to Coldspring Nurse Mares …if you or anyone you know needs a “mom” for a foal…this was truly a team effort from the start with so many people jumping in and getting the help for Micah that he needed to survive…the beautiful farm you see in the pictures deserve so many thanks for their care of Tiya and Micah and the people that care for these beautiful creatures…thanks to all”